Fields of Expertise

Subject expert, with real-life account management and marketing experience at one of the UK's leading independent advertising agencies.


Business and Finance

Do you need top-quality English to communicate your ethos and vision to your stakeholders?

When it comes to business, there’s no room for translation blunders. I am here to help your business succeed.

  • Company information

  • Annual reports

  • Shareholder communications

  • Employee newsletters and magazines

  • Sales documents

  • Financial reports

  • HR and recruitment

  • Health and safety

  • Industry research briefs

  • Presentations

Marketing and Advertising

Do you need effective translation of marketing texts, product descriptions and slogans?

I create localised, persuasive content helping your business sell its product or services.

• Press releases
• Branding
• Articles
• Social media posts
• Advertising materials
• Product information
• Blog posts
• Newsletters
• Website content
• Market research


• Social sciences (government and politics)
• Travel and tourism
• Education